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Recorded Feb. 13, 2016



Drawing from their training in the classics, jazz, pop and funk, the four members of Animal Liberation Orchestra strive to make creative, upbeat, ever-evolving music. Their feel-good California vibe and their quirky, engaging live shows have made ALO a rising star in jam-band circles. The group performed live from WXPN and World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on July 14.

ALO was born from a string of mostly unsuccessful bands playing in the San Francisco Bay Area throughout the ‘90s. It wasn’t until 2002 — when college friends and bandmates Zach Gill, Dan Lebowitz, Steve Adams and David Brogan pared the band down from a nine-piece to a quartet — that ALO began to attract national attention. In 2005, the band released a well-received EP and joined Jack Johnson on tour. Johnson signed the group to his own Brushfire Records, and ALO released its first full-length, Fly Between Falls, in April. The disc experiments with the band’s unique sound, incorporating jazz, reggae, soul and even a little bit of Latin music.

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Animal Liberation Orchestra’s live album comes recorded from a performance following the release of their critically acclaimed 2015 album, Tangled with Time, an incredible jam rock odyssey that’ll have you dancing and singing along from beginning to end!

Run Time - Approx. 147 Minutes

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