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Recorded Jan. 01, 2015



A naturally gifted songwriter, Anuhea’s word choices are a clever balance of emotions where each song tells a unique story, each story a lesson learned.“I’m influenced highly by R&B and Soul, Hip Hop and Funk, but my instrument is acoustic guitar. I tend to write most of my songs during the craziest parts of my life. I’ll write pages and pages in my notebook in no order then go back with my guitar in my hands and sing the words as lyrics to some chords. That’s how most songs start for me.” Anuhea wants to be a part of a new generation melding the melodic traditions of her island upbringing with modern beats and influences.

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Anuhea blends engaging lyrics, acoustic soul, pop, rap and reggae into a style that has earned her a reputation as Hawaii's #1 female artist. The singer/songwriter’s songs are a balance of fragility, strength and sass with the island style. Anuhea's signature guitar rhythms, sultry vocals and honest songwriting weave acoustic soul, R&B, jazz and hip hop with pop appeal into an unforgettable live concert. Recorded January 1st 2015 at the Belly Up this album features seven tracks including ''Only Man in the World'', ''Higher than the Clouds'' and Anuhea's take on Estelle's ''Come Over''.

Anuhea sites Bob Marley Jack Johnson, India.Aire and Jason Mraz as her musical influences and it shows in her catchy uplifting music. Over the years on and off the island Anuhea as shared the stage with such artists as Bruno Mars, FloRida, Pepper, SOJA, Ziggy Marley,  Taj Mahal and Jake Shimabukuro, Cas Haley and none other than Jack Johnson, one of her musical influences.

Total Play Time: Approx. 35 Minutes
Engineered by Garrett Wysocki
File Size 119MB

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What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Anuhea! She tells us about her Hawaiian roots and upbringing, singing the National Anthem at a Vikings game, spam (the food not the e-mail annoyance), things that make us cry, and if things happen for a reason or if it's just that we are idiots. We drank red wine!




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