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Bob Schneider is an Austin, Texas–based musician and artist and former lead-singer of Ugly Americans. He has released around a dozen albums, mostly on his own Shockorama label. Lonelyland (2001) was licensed through Universal Records, while in 2005 distribution deal with Vanguard Records saw his albums made widely available. In 2009 he signed to Kirtland Records and put out Lovely Creatures, A Perfect Day, and Burden of Proof. His most recent record, The King Kong Suite, was released on Shockorama Records in 2015. He has toured nationally both as headliner and support act.

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What's Up at the Belly Up this week features the one and only Bob Schneider, who we caught up with before his packed show at the Belly Up. This is what happens when our guest picks black coffee as their drink...three cups later and we must add a a disclaimer - if you are easily offended please use this time to garden your lawn or take Zumba classes - as it gets pretty strange on this one! We talk about GIFS, his new album KING KONG VOL. III, people that scream talk during concerts, donating plasma, shaving his beard to look like Elvis, sleeping with rats and things that happen to D while on tour with Santana's son. We hear a Conference Room Session with Bob with his song, "Sweet Booty".




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