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The California Honeydrops just get you high. That soul-bubblin’, belly-fizzin’, tingle-in-your-toes, good-good high that makes you want to sing as loud as you can while dancin’ your ass off.

It’s a whole-body experience that is one part soul and one part rhythm, a simple formula with magnificent results.

The soul comes from the insatiable falsetto party-croon of singer and multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski as it wraps around the colorful melodies of saxophonist Johnny Bones and keyboardist Lorenzo Loera like a Mardi Gras maypole. The rhythm comes from the intangible duo of bassist Beau Bradbury and drummer Ben Malament, who can always put the dip in your hip with the slightest of effort. Together they’ve made some of the sweetest R&B this side of the Mississippi, enriched by the blues, funk and jazz of the Bay Area. Their music has attracted a gregarious group of fans full of life and spirit that has been growing steadily and mightily since the band members’ busking days in a BART station in Oakland.

The Honeydrops are now earning themselves a reputation as one of the most joyful musical parties going around the country. Taking it one show at a time, the West Coast mainstays have been able to venture out to the East Coast and Gulf region, to the Caribbean and back on Jam Cruise and even all the way to Australia. Someone who has been influential in bringing The California Honeydrops to more audiences has been Bonnie Raitt. The singer and guitarist first saw the band play one of its small, local gigs in the Bay Area a couple years ago and became an instant fan. The group has opened for her on a number of tours, giving the Honeydrops some of their first tastes of playing theaters after mainly doing clubs, bars and festivals. There’s no doubt they’ll be filling those theaters by themselves one day.

- Garrett Bethman, Tahoe Onstage 8/20/2018

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