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Cowboy Junkies

Recorded Jun. 16, 2014



Although it didn’t originally have anything to do with their sound, the Cowboy Junkies’ name wound up seeming pretty accurate: their music was grounded in traditional country, blues, and folk, yet drifted along in a sleepy, narcotic haze that clearly bore the stamp of the Velvet Underground. The vast majority of their songs were spare and quiet, taken at lethargic tempos and filled with languid guitars and detached, ethereal vocals courtesy of Margo Timmins. Over the late ‘80s and ‘90s, the group recorded a succession of critically acclaimed albums that found favor in the alternative rock community.

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Cowboy Junkies are known for their unique mix of genres such as blues, country, rock, psychedelic, and jazz. This live album from their performance on June 16th 2014 at the Belly Up evokes the psychedelic, blues-inspired forays that the band is known for as well as “Misguided Angel” and “Sweet Jane” from the band’s landmark album “The Trinity Session”. For more than 25 years, Cowboy Junkies have remained true to their unique artistic vision and to the introspective, quiet intensity that is their musical signature.

Total Play Time: Approx. 63 Minutes
Engineered by Garrett Wysocki

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