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Don Carlos

Recorded Apr. 08, 2017



Sweet-voiced vocalist and composer Don Carlos (born: Euvin Spencer) sang with Black Uhuru, the reggae trio he formed in 1974 with two friends—Rudolph Dennis and Derrick “Duckie” Simpson—from the “Waterhouse” district in Kingston.

A year after the trio’s ground breaking debut, Don Carlos surprisingly decided to part company in pursuit of a solo career. Having needed at least three years to get the grips of being a soloist, plus developing a knack for song writing and grooming that distinctive, vocal styling it wasn’t until May 1981 that Carlos really took the fraternity by storm, courtesy of a heavy, roots and culture flavored show case album titled Suffering for Negus Roots.

The last time he toured Mother Africa, 100,000 strong came out to witness him perform in Zambia. Totally beloved across Creation; there’s special Love from Addis Ababa to Cape Town

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The lead singer of the legendary reggae group Black Uhuru, and frequent guest with Slightly Stoopid, performed an incredible set here in 2017, showing off his greatest hits like “Frontline” & “I Just Can’t Stop” and more stemming from his 40+ year musical career.

Run Time: Approx. 91 Minutes
File Size: Approx. 194MB

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