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Earl Thomas

Recorded Oct. 22, 2013



Earl Thomas had never picked up a microphone in his life until he was nearly killed after losing his footing at the edge of a 50-foot ravine and slid all the way down, landing unconscious on a pile of broken glass and debris. Luckily, the 22-year-old dental student was only bruised, but not knowing the extent of the damage upon regaining consciousness, he reflected on his disappointment at not having pursued his dream of becoming a singer, and resolved to do just that if he survived. Nine years later, he recorded 1991’s Blue…Not Blues, a record strongly influenced by his parents’ love of blues and gospel music and his own affinity for ‘60s and ‘70s soul. His “I Sing the Blues” became a hit for Etta James, and he played European music festivals with such artists as Elvis Costello and B.B. King. His second album, Extra Soul, was released in 1994 on the Memphis International label, followed by a second for the imprint, Intersection, in 2005.

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One of San Diego’s premier bands from the late 1980s Earl Thomas & The Rhumboogies with original members Eric Lieberman (guitar), Earl Thomas (lead vocals), Brad Karow (drums), Scott Corey (guitar), Tom Mahon (piano), Jonny Viau (saxophone), and bassist Scott Smart standing in for Greg Willis. This talented group of musicians delivered a stellar performance and the Rhumboogies 25th year reunion was captured live at the Belly Up Tavern. .

Total Play Time Approx. 48 Minutes

Engineered by Martin Greaves

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WOAH! Earl Thomas is the man. We talked about the first song he wrote getting covered by Etta James, his experiences of playing frequently abroad, the joy of solitude and his definition of what the blues is (and is not). We drank Stella and had a really good time.




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