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Eve Selis

Recorded Feb. 22, 2001



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Eve Selis isn’t just a “singer” — she’s an emotion transducer who converts country, R&B, blues, folk, and rock ‘n’ roll signals into a megawatt zap that galvanizes everyone in its path. The cauterizing power of Selis’s voice can arc-weld material from almost any genre into a personal manifesto.

Eve Selis is an institution in her hometown of San Diego. A tireless fundraiser, she gives back to her community in spades and rarely blinks an eye before answering “yes” to a plea for help. She’s a world-class performer with a small-town heart. Winner of seven San Diego Music Awards, the Jim Croce Award for Excellence in Music, and many others, in 2008 the city of San Diego named May 30th Eve Selis Day in honor of her devotion to her craft and her community. Her music is a compelling blend of many of the great styles of 20th Century American music: Heartland rock anthems to raise the blood pressure; gorgeous folk simplicity to lower it back down; soaring pop melodies mixed with classic country story-telling; and a “lemonade and whiskey” voice that is both epic and sultry. Music tailored for the 21st Century; music that is timeless.

Selis and her stellar band of San Diego’s finest have toured the world, with England being a favorite destination. One of BBC Radio’s most respected deejays, the legendary “Whispering” Bob Harris, gushed that her live show was “one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen in the UK.” This 2001 concert captures her and her stellar band at the peak of their powers.

Run Time: Approx. 64 Minutes
File Size: Approx. 136MB

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