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Fernando Viciconte

Recorded Jul. 24, 2016



Fernando Viciconte-the Portland, Oregon troubadour with twenty years of local and national acclaim under his belt-crawls from the wreckage of the recent past unbowed, bruised but unbroken. He has survived major surgery for a throat condition and thus what could have been existential silence for ‘that voice’. It’s a voice that caused countless rags like Billboard, Magnet, Paste, The Oregonian, No Depression (and on and on) plus fellow musicians like Peter Buck from REM, Don Dixon, and Steve Wynn to rave wildly about the feeling it evokes when he’s singing his songs of dark despair and faint hope.

These rock n roll laments, in both Spanish and English have captured the imaginations of his hometown for seven records, countless compilations, and memorable shows. This is a new chapter in Viciconte’s ever-evolving musical trajectory, a career marked by creative integrity and an almost painful honesty which attracts fans from high and low that still believe in the redemptive power of rock and roll. And ‘that voice’.

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Argentina-born Fernando Viciconte came of age musically in L.A. fronting the popular hard rock band Monkey Paw. He moved to Portland, OR, in 1994 where he has recorded eight studio albums, and will be inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame this October.

Recorded on July 24, 2016 while on tour supporting The Jayhawks, the album features nine tracks including several songs from Fernando’s critically acclaimed 2015 release “Leave The Radio On.” Also included are tracks from Fernando’s 2010 release “True Instigator,” his 1997 release “Widows,” 1998’s “Pacoima” and a touching cover of the late Jim Boyer’s “Three Sheets To The Wind.”

Fernando Viciconte (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar)
Dan Eccles (Electric Guitar)

Run Time: Appox. 35 Minutes
File Size: 74MB
Engineered by: Martin Greaves
Photo Credit: Chris Brake

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