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Recorded Aug. 11, 2016



Foghat is an English rock band that formed in London in 1971. The band is known for its use of electric slide guitar in its music. Releasing a series of best-selling albums in the mid-‘70s, and selling out concerts across America, this hard-rocking band achieved eight gold records, one platinum and one double platinum record.

Foghat’s sound is American in origin, yet the members are all natives of England. Guitarist/vocalist “Lonesome” Dave Peverett, bassist Tony Stevens, and drummer Roger Earl were members of the British blues band Savoy Brown, who all left the group in the early ‘70s. Upon their departure, they formed Foghat with guitarist Rod Price. Foghat moved to the United States, signing a record contract with Bearsville Records, a new label run by Albert Grossman. Their first album, Foghat, was released in the summer of 1972 and it became an album rock hit; a cover of Willie Dixon’s “I Just Want to Make Love to You” even made it to the lower regions of the singles charts. For their next album, Foghat didn’t change their formula at all—in fact, they didn’t even change the title of the album. Like the first record, the second was called Foghat; it was distinguished by a picture of a rock and a roll on the front cover. Foghat’s second album was their first gold record, and it established them as a popular arena rock act. Their next six albums—Energized (1974), Rock and Roll Outlaws (1974), Fool for the City (1975), Night Shift (1976), Foghat Live (1977), Stone Blue (1978)—were all best-sellers and all went at least gold. “Slow Ride,” taken from Fool for the City, was their biggest single, peaking at number 20. Foghat Live was their biggest album, selling over two million copies. After 1975, the band went through a series of bass players; Price left the band in 1981 and was replaced by Erik Cartwright. In the early ‘80s, Foghat’s commercial fortunes declined rapidly, with their last album, 1983’s Zig-Zag Walk, barely making the album charts. The group broke up shortly afterward with Peverett retiring from the road. The remaining members of the band (Roger Earl, Erik Cartwright, and Craig MacGregor) continued playing together as the Kneetremblers, and after some lineup changes decided to revert to the Foghat name. The band toured throughout the decade and into the early ‘90s. Perhaps growing tired of early retirement, Lonesome Dave formed his own version of Foghat in 1990 and hit the road. After healing their rift, the original Foghat (Peverett, Price, Stevens, and Earl) re-formed in 1993 and toured for years, releasing Return of the Boogie Men in 1994 and Road Cases in 1998. The original band broke apart for good with Peverett’s passing due to cancer on February 7, 2000. After some time spent mourning, the band soldiered on with a new lineup (adding Charlie Huhn on vocals), and after two years of touring released Family Joules in 2002. Foghat toured for the next few years and regularly issued documents of their live act, including The Official Bootleg DVD, Vol. 1 in 2004 and Foghat Live II in 2007. In 2010, now on their own label, Foghat got back to their blues roots with Last Train Home, a handful of original tunes among covers of many of their favorite blues songs and a couple tracks recorded with their friend Eddie Kirkland. Over the next half decade they maintained an extensive touring schedule, eventually returning to the studio to record their 17th studio album, Under the Influence which was released in 2016 on the band’s own Foghat Records imprint.

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Foghat’s live performances show why the band is still around today and why they will be able to keep on rockin’ for as long as they want.  This band truly is timeless. Constant touring is part of their DNA and the band just loves to play.  Their live show is as intense as ever with the incredible energy and musicianship that one would expect and hope for from a seasoned band with such a long musical history.

Recorded on August 11, 2016, Live at The Belly Up opens with the one-two punch of “Fool For The City” and “Eight Days on the Road” and doesn’t let up until the last note of the raucous 10 minute, no-holds-barred set closer “Slow Ride.”  The album also features three tracks from Foghat’s 2016 release Under The Influence making their live recording debut: “Under The Influence,” “Knock It Off,” and “Hot Mama.”  According to lead singer Charlie Huhn, “the band just wants to make sure that after every show, fans are convinced they just got rocked, from the second we start the first song to the end of the show.” Live at The Belly Up proves that Foghat is delivering on that commitment.

Roger Earl - Drums / Background Vocals
Charlie Huhn - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Bryan Bassett - Lead/Slide Guitar / Background Vocals
Rodney O’Quinn - Bass / Background Vocals

Randy Meullier - FOH Sound Engineer
Mark Wilson - Guitar Tech
Mark Petrocelli - Drum Tech

Management: Linda Arcello-Earl, Noisy S.O.D., Inc.
Cover Art: Fred Andrews

All songs Mixed and Mastered by Bryan Bassett
Total Play Time: Approx. 74 Minutes
Total File Size: 157MB

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