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In an alternate universe I’m in two bands: Colostomy So Horny and a Norwegian black metal band called RAMEKIN. In this universe, I’ve been playing the hits in San Diego for almost 20 (!!) years, I have a super rad nine year old daughter and I love life so hard sometimes it makes me cry happy tears into my Great Lei and potato tacos. Thanks for listening!

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Whats Up at the Belly Up this week features radio personality Hilary from FM 94.9! She is one of the best on air talents anywhere and we are lucky enough to have her here in San Diego. We start out guessed allergy talk, straight into her past as a punk rock phone fox and all her crazy radio stories and jobs in between! This episode is our first PAP Smear segment as well...listen to understand. We drank Kombucha cuz we are pro-biotic!!


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