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Recorded May. 18, 2020



HIRIE front woman, Trish Jetton,  celebrated her 33rd birthday by performing an incredible concert on the Belly Up stage.  Not only was the show amazing it also was the first “quarantined” performance during the Covid-19 pandemic that featured the whole band. The city of San Diego granted permission to have the concert without an in-person audience on May 18, 2020. All the members of the band and crew had their temperature tested prior to the performance and those who could wore masks to prevent infection. Thousands of fans virtually attended the performance by interacting with HIRIE on this website, which used the chat feature to make comments, request songs, give donations and even call out for an encore!  Scroll down to the bottom of this webpage to see the show!

A little bit about Trish from
Countless musicians receive gifts from their fans. But the relationship between Trish Jetton, front woman of the pop-reggae act Hirie, and her fans is particularly unique. Their offerings are special: lovingly curated to nurture her psyche, to stoke her self-care, her idiosyncrasies. Late last year, Trish was particularly moved when given a copy of Women Who Run With the Wolves, a book that explores feminine instinct and power. It celebrates, as she says beaming, “that wild woman archetype.”

Trish, who mostly resides in San Diego, has lived an itinerant existence. With her English father working for the U.N., she was raised the Philippines, Italy, then Hawaii. “We never stayed rooted to one place for long,” she explains. “Hirie” is a nod to that multiculturalism, a mix of “Hawaii” and “irie,” the Jamaican term for one’s state of mind. “Most of the radio stations on the island were reggae,” she explains of her upbringing on Oahu. “It fits the lifestyle so effortlessly: ditching school and blasting all this music about emancipation from mental slavery.”
Growing up, Trish’s father saw her for the natural-born performer she is, and encouraged her to embrace music as the ultimate therapy. “He knew that would be my outlet, pushing me towards the pen and paper, and the mic,” she says. For years, music was a solitary experience: composing alone on the guitar and piano, then debuting her work at open-mic nights. But that all changed in 2012, when Tribal Seeds’ former pianist E.N Young offered to produce her self-titled record. She assembled a group of musicians, which would become her current eight-piece band, to tour that record on the festival circuit. Their presence proved outsize, formidable, uplifting. In a few years, Hirie had amassed such a devoted organic following that by the time Trish started working on Wandering Soul, her second album, fans helped her crowdfund $46,000 to record and promote it.

“A lot of times it was like, ‘Let’s write something fast.’ ‘Let’s write something you can dance to.’ ‘This theme, let’s go for this.’ Everything you hear is a slice of me and my multiple personalities,” she says. “One day I wanna write a sad song. One day I wanna write a ska tune. We managed to really give reggae some color.”

During her birthday concert at the Belly Up , Trish didn’t inch out of her comfort zone, she burst out of it, and looked very comfortable doing it! That leap of faith has had an indelible impact on her. “There comes a point when you don’t really have anything left to lose,” she adds. “It’s one thing my dad always told me: ‘You only get out of life what you put into it.’” –Trish

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San Diego’s seven-piece band HIRIE is ready to offer a global spiritual uplift. Melding the balmy island touches of its singer’s beloved home—as symbolized by its moniker’s first letter, a “H” for “Hawaii,” with that feeling of irie, the award-winning group offers a soundtrack of hope. This special performance livestreamed world worldwide and was recorded on May 18, 2020 in celebration of HIRIE’s frontwoman Trish’s 30th birthday. One can expect to hear fan favorites “Sensi Boy,” “Don’t Take My Ganja” and “She Go Lizzo,” a take on “She Go” and Lizzo’s song “Truth Hurts.”

Run Time: Approx. 80 Minutes
File Size: Approx. 169MB

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