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Macy Gray photo
Strange to think that Macy's voice once made her cringe. These days, that voice which has drawn comparisons with Billie Holliday, Janis Joplin and Tina Turner to name but a few is one of the most distinctive in popular music. Her vocal talent coupled with a fresh sound, hip lyrics… more info

Madeleine Peyroux photo
Much like songbird Edith Piaf, Madeleine Peyroux spent her teenage years busking the busy streets of Paris. Just like the ‘little sparrow’, Madeleine befriended the city’s street musicians and made its Latin quarter her first performing stage. Years later, Peyroux would cite iconic Piaf as an influence on her music… more info

Makana and Paula Fuga photo
Makana is an award-winning slack-key guitar player, singer, and composer. Born and raised in Hawaii, his guitar playing has been featured on three Grammy-nominated albums, including the soundtrack of the Academy-Award winning film "The Descendants", starring George Clooney. In 2008, he was second runner up in Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar… more info

Marc Broussard photo
Widely known for his hit songs “Home” and “Where are You,” Marc Broussard is an American singer-songwriter. His style is best described as "Bayou Soul", a mix of funk, blues, R&B, rock, and pop, matched with distinct Southern roots. He has released eight studio albums, one live album, three EPs,… more info

Marc Ford & The Neptune Blues Club photo
Marc Ford , is an American blues-rock guitarist. He's a former lead guitarist of the rock and roll jam band The Black Crowes and the leader of his own bands: Burning Tree, Marc Ford & The Neptune Blues Club, Jefferson Steelflex, Fuzz Machine, Marc Ford & The Sinners. Discography Solo… more info

Maren Parusel photo
Just off the plane in Los Angeles a few years ago, she was invited to stay at the home of Rolan Bolan (Son of T-Rex Marc Bolan) where given free reign in the studio she rediscovered her love of music. Classically trained on piano, she quickly picked up the guitar… more info

Martin Sexton photo
MARTIN SEXTON is an American singer-songwriter and Producer who blends soul, gospel, country, rock, blues, and R&B. Early in his career Sexton moved to Boston and began playing on street corners and at open mic nights around the city.He released a collection of self-produced demo recordings in 1991 called, In… more info

Matisyahu photo
Matthew Paul Miller known by his Hebrew and stage name Matisyahu (/mæt?s?j??hu?/; "Gift of God"), is a Jewish American reggae vocalist, beatboxer, and alternative rock musician. Known for blending Orthodox Jewish themes with reggae, rock and hip hop beatboxing sounds, Matisyahu's 2005 single "King Without a Crown" was a Top… more info

Matthew Sweet photo
During a career that stretches back to the mid-’80s, Matthew Sweet has never followed trends, though his landmark 1991 album Girlfriend was responsible for starting one—its bone-dry, caterwauling sonics opening up a wild and picturesque new terrain for restless singer/songwriters to inhabit and explore. Two decades later, Sweet has once… more info

The Mattson 2 photo
If you could soundtrack the jangle of the sea and the jazz of the surf, The Mattson 2 would most certainly be the composers. The identical twin guitar and drums duo are truly a marvel of jazz-rock orchestration and arrangement. The duo shimmers and shakes with the soaring modern wizardry… more info

Michael Tiernan photo
Music may have saved his life. After surviving cancer at age 16, music became his helpmate in processing the ‘big questions’ that came to him at an early age. At 18, he took his newly found passion for life and music traveling the country in a van with a group… more info

The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band photo
Mick Fleetwood is best known for his tremendous success as the drummer of Fleetwood Mac, the wildly successful band he co-founded in 1967 with fellow John Mayall alumni Peter Green (guitar) and John McVie (bass). Fleetwood was a self-taught drummer from his early childhood, after moving from a lacklustre academic… more info

Mike Doughty photo
By his ninth solo album, The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns, you’d figure he would have slipped into a comfortable pattern, but Mike Doughty is not that kind of artist. The former frontman of Soul Coughing is obsessively, constantly driven to sound new. The elegant, charming album swerves between… more info

Mike Pinto photo
Mike Pinto is from the suburb of Philadelphia, Fairless Hills. His music blends reggae, ska, dub, and Latin rhythms, while keeping true to his roots with the acoustic guitar. After a well-received acoustic LP, Pinto completed his first full-length album Little District in September 2005 with fellow Philadelphian, producer Tim… more info

The Motet photo
Throughout history, unity starts on the dancefloor. From ancient tribal cultures to neon night clubs, beats bring bodies together. Once grinding and grooving in unison, the movement generates friction, sparks, and light. That might just be the purest form of energy on the planet. The Motet harness such energy on… more info

The Mother Hips photo
Formed in Chico, CA, in 1991, earthy pop jam rockers the Mother Hips moved up from bar band status through a series of regional tours and built a sizable fan base in California. Songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Tim Bluhm, guitarist Greg Loiacono, bassist Isaac Parsons, and drummer Mike Wofchuck met… more info

Nahko photo
If you are looking for Nahko's Live at the Belly Up Album go to Nahko “Bear” Parayno On the tip, is Oregon native Nahkohe Parayno. A sixth generation Apache/Mohawk this medicinal troubadour (his Cheyenne name given to him by his grandmother) didn’t grow up on his native land, with… more info

Nahko and Medicine for the People photo
NAHKO AND MEDICINE FOR THE PEOPLE is an American World Music Group. The six-member band is headed by frontman Nahko Bear. A sixth generation Apache/Mohawk with a Puerto Rican/Indian mother and a Filipino father, who grew up with the family that adopted him in an Oregon suburb. Taking up the… more info

Nathan James photo
Never one to follow convention, and always one to think for himself, Nathan James has created a musical identity with his homemade instruments and self taught skills. Whether you catch Nathan James as his true one man band pickin' and scratchin' on his own invention of washboard guitar, stomping out… more info

Nattali Rize photo
Born in San Diego and raised in Australia, Rize is of Native American and Samoan descent. She followed her calling as a percussionist and street musician before co-founding popular Australian roots/reggae band Blue King Brown. In the band, Rize toured and opened for Santana, Damian Marley, UB40, Dispatch and The… more info



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