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J Boog

Recorded Sep. 02, 2014



Born in Long Beach but raised in Compton, California, J Boog is an American R&B and reggae singer of Samoan descent. In 2004, he met George “Fiji” Veikoso, another singer who blended R&B and reggae sounds together. Inspired, he moved to Hawaii and hooked up with the Wash House record label along with Gramps Morgan of the revered reggae group Morgan Heritage. In 2011 Wash House would release a self-titled EP along with his Back Yard Boogie album which featured the hit reggae ballad “Let Me Know.”

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Influenced by reggae, rap, and R&B, J Boog was given a sense of freedom to be himself and create his own unique reggae sound. The singer of Samoan descent was born in Long Beach and raised in Compton, California. Growing up in the rough streets of Compton, the strong sense of tradition and culture that J Boog absorbed from his family was instrumental in his path to stay off the streets and begin a successful music career.

The results are apparent when listening to J Boog's new live album recorded live at the Belly Up on September 2nd 2014, featuring ''Let's Do It Again'', ''Break Us Apart'' and the classic “Police and Thieves”. It is authentic Island Music and genuine Jamaican reggae at the same time. Truly a new and exciting combination. There is a natural theme to Boog's writing: love. When you listen, you will feel he truly knows matters of the heart.

Total Play Time: Approx. 52 Minutes
Engineered by Garrett Wysocki
File Size 96.9 MB


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