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Jarnard Sutton is a music enthusiast, food lover, beer drinker and musician. He can be found going to local concerts or at a local bar. He is a North Carolina native who started working in the media industry in 2006. He writes music content, edits video, shoots video and produces content for He was a producer and writer for U-T San Diego’s entertainment show called Night & Day. Jarnard is also the owner and host of his own website called The Nardcast, which focuses on local music, food, events and entertainment. Sutton graduated with a degree in Mass Communications with concentrations in Audio Recording and Video Broadcasting from Barton College.

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What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Jarnard Sutton from Discover SD and host / founder of San Diego's music, food and culture podcast: The Nardcast. We talk about podcasts that have gone awry, being lazy in an efficient way, the Princess Bride, fake ID's, Fela Kuti and so much more! We drank coffee stout out of wine glasses.


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