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Jeff Daniels with The Ben Daniels Band



More widely known as an actor, Jeff Daniels talent is limitless as a singer-songwriter, he is not afraid to speak his mind and sings about things that are real to him.

In Jeff’s own words: “Well, mostly I act, write, play a Martin OM Jeff Daniels Custom Signature Edition guitar, have authored about 400 songs, played over 300 gigs the past 12 years from Maine to Alaska to Californ-i-a with my preferred venue of choice being clubs and hundred year old opera houses, drank from the fountain of youth by touring with my son’s band (the Ben Daniels Band), founded The Purple Rose Theatre Company in Chelsea, Michigan for which I’ve written 15 plays (working on #16), and with great pride and a range that would drive a normal actor straight to Betty Ford, can most recently be seen as Will McAvoy on HBO’s THE NEWSROOM, and after 20 long years, with the one and only Jim Carrey in DUMB AND DUMBER TO. The rest you can google.”

“So with that, welcome to the musical side of myself. Through this little portal into the digital universe and with a singular focus on the songs that continue to pour out of my pores, take my hand as I valiantly meander my way towards something yet to be defined and, more than likely, never will be. Life’s more fun that way, don’t ya think?”

-Jeff Daniels

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