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Jonny Tarr

Recorded Oct. 29, 2015



Originally from Cardiff, Wales, Jonny Tarr picked up the Tenor Saxophone at the age of 11 thinking it would get him girls. Initially it didn’t. After cutting his teeth in the British Jazz scene, he studied music at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts and went on to play all over Europe (Glastonbury Festival Jazz World Stage, The Big Chill, Chamonix’s Cham Jam), and as far Japan (Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival) and the USA (New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Las Vegas) over the next decade. Now a permanent resident of San Diego, Jonny Tarr has been working on making Electronic Soul music in many formats; mainly as a solo artist but increasingly with a band behind him. Playing at San Diego’s clubs and music venues, (The Belly Up, Analog, Vin de Syrah, Humphrey’s) Jonny has been refining his sound and is always ready to take it further.  Having played and recorded with the likes of The Nextmen, The Part Time Heroes, Backini, Day One and Flevans in the UK, Jonny’s pedigree and reputation as a musician of quality and dependence precedes him. As well as being a solo artist in his own right, Jonny is involved in many other projects,  playing sax over his own DJed sets, playing piano in the bands of local hero singer songwriters Michael Tiernan and Paul Cannon, Jonny is busy with music EVERY DAMN DAY…........

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Originally from Cardiff, Wales, and now a fixture of the San Diego music scene, Jonny Tarr is the kind of blue eyed soul musician that likes to throw an electronic groove down. A music degree Graduate of Paul McCartney’s Liverpool institute for the Performing Arts and a touring/recording artist with fifteen years of experience under his vintage Soviet Army belt, Jonny has played all over the world from opening the Jazzworld stage at the Glastonbury festival in the UK, to blowing sax with the DJs at the Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival and touring across Europe.

A true multi-instrumentalist, Jonny can be seen playing as sideman to many of San Diego’s local heroes including playing sax with Tolan Shaw, Piano with Michael Tiernan and sax and guitar with Paul Cannon. But Tarr is mostly known for his high energy shows, whether he’s playing with his new 8-piece revue band or utilizing his unique solo looping electronica soul set up.

Live at The Belly Up was recorded on October 29, 2015 and features Jonny Tarr and his band performing 8 tracks from Tarr’s albums “Move Yourself” and “The Sky High – EP.”

Total Play Time: Approx. 40 Minutes

Engineered by Martin Greaves

File Size: 74MB

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Meryl and Damian talk to neo-soul, rock and pop musician Jonny Tarr! He is the bad boy of yoga, the good boy of music and rules all locations named Cardiff. We talk Welsh, speculate that Jonny will be a protective dad, and he plays us a song! There is also a lot of vasectomy talk that we almost cut out (!) but decided to leave in anyway. We drank Moscow Mules with gluten free vodka.


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