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Keller Williams

Recorded Jan. 29, 2015



Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Keller Williams is literally a one-man jam band. His fascinating live shows feature him solo on-stage with a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro looping unit, and he creates his backing loops in the moment, building and improvising as he goes on his custom-made ten-string guitar, and thanks to his equally as quirky, upbeat, and semi-surreal songs (which he frequently weaves into extended, half-improvised medleys) and his warm, friendly tenor singing voice, Williams is an utterly unique performer whose musical eccentricities don’t keep him from being immediately accessible. A native of Virginia, Williams received his first guitar at the age of three, although he admits he didn’t really learn to play it until he was in his early teens. He attended high school in his hometown of Fredericksburg, and began playing solo gigs when he was 17. He discovered the new age guitar genius of Michael Hedges a year or so later, and Hedges has been a lifelong influence on Williams’ approach to the guitar.

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Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Keller Williams first appeared on the scene in the early ’90s. Williams has since defined the term independent artist and his recordings tell only half the story. Keller built his reputation on his engaging solo live performances, no two of which are ever alike. With nothing pre-recorded, Williams is often described as a one man jam band, creating samples on the fly in front of the audience, a technique called live phrase sampling or looping. The end result leans toward a hybrid of alternative folk and groovy electronica often giving the feel of a full band performance. Keller jokingly calls his sound “acoustic dance music or ADM.”

Live at the Belly Up was recorded Thursday January 29, 2015 at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA and features favorites such as, “Doobie In My Pocket,” “Turn In Difference,”  “She Rolls,”  “Freakshow” and William’s inspiring versions of The Grateful Dead’s “Till The Morning Comes” and Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels.”

Williams has been influenced by a wide range of music (country, bluegrass, hip-hop, go-go, punk, electronic/dance) and by just as wide a range of musicians but most notably Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. Over the years Williams has been able to both share the stage and collaborate with musicians such as Béla Fleck, members of The Grateful Dead (Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzman, Mickey Hart and Phil Lesh), The String Cheese Incident, Michael Franti, That 1 Guy, The Motet, Leftover Salmon, The Travelin’ McCourys, bass great Victor Wooten and many others. Williams’ ability to master genres just as well as he can defy them was proven again as he took the stage at The Belly Up.

Total Play Time: Approx. 55 Minutes

Engineered by Martin Greaves

FOH Mix and Harmony Vocals by Louis Gosain

File Size 109MB

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