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Kut U Up

Recorded Dec. 23, 2013

Belly Up Solana Beach
Wed June 29 2016



They’re known as “indie rejects”.
They also starred in the 2003 movie “Riding in Vans with Boys” and were the cause of the cameras being there, filmed on the Pop Disaster Tour as opening acts for Green Day, Blink-182, and Jimmy Eat World.

The boys of Kut U Up are: Brandon Parkhurst - guitar and vocals, Micah Mattson - guitar and vocals, Brendan Raasch - drums and vocals and Chris Cote - Bass Guitar and vocals.

On July 31, 2008 Kut U Up played their first show in nearly 5 years, stating at the time that it was strictly one-off.

However, the band reformed in early 2011 and are starting to record a follow up to their 2003 release “Pulled Over.” A free downloadable track is available on their website.





Kut U Up is an indie-rock band from San Diego, California. This four piece been together since sometime in the middle of 1996. If memory serves, the band was formed on the basis of making loud music for party goers. In the last decade, the band has taken it's signature sound and refined it, adding melody, intricate guitar work, rotating vocals, pounding drums, all while keeping the loose attitude and high volume rawness Kut U Up has become known for. The band is currently in the studio working on their first new album in nearly ten years. Kut U Up's live shows are better than ever with classic Kut U Up tracks shining alongside new material. Rock and Roll will never die, and neither will Kut U Up.

Total Play Time: Approx. 40 Minutes

Engineered by Martin Greaves

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This week we feature: Chris Cote! Action sports personality, long-time editor of Transworld Surf, bassist and vocalist for Kut U Up, and editor in chief of Encinitas Magazine. We talk about how Chris taught an entire generation how to party and what it was like to get physically dragged off stage from someone dressed like Mr. T. We cover internet trolls, how Kut U Up started as a dare from some of the Blink 182 guys, his cult movie Riding in Vans with Boys, and talk about things we may have smuggled across countries. We drank sparkling mineral water and plan on having Chris back for a water tasting test to show his skills of discerning between brands.


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