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Loose Snakes

Recorded Dec. 23, 2013



The band consists of three fellows by the name of Daniel Mead, Paul Roach and James Barak. A little history about them would start something like this:Daniel or Dan depending on the roughness of the neighborhood you may find him in grew up on the east coast surrounded by a family of older brothers who happened to all be musicians of one sort or another that influenced him immensely. Think partridge family but without the silly costumes and cheesy smiles. More like long hair and calloused fingers. He made his way to Portland and played in various bands before moving to San Diego. He has a wide array of guitars in his collection ranging from his go to electric facemelter favorites to his selection of Taylor acoustics to lap steels, dobro’s, banjo’s and whatever else his fingers can flitter on.Paul Roach, once the lead singer of a local heavy metal band named Niner has made a habit of picking up an instrument and realizing that as Rocky said to Clubber Lane “you aint so bad” and poof like that, he has mastered another style of music weather it is a djembe drum, Turkish banjo, the old faithful’s of acoustic or electric guitars and last but not least the tasty Bass lines that hold Loose Snakes together.James Barak began his love for music early with his father being a studied opera and folk music singer heard on cbs radio back in the day. He turned his passion into a dj career that sent him all over the state either by himself or with a 6 piece jazz band accompanying his selections. He could be found one night with a local Santa Barbara Hip hop duo and the next opening for the English beat or Les Nubians. With a wide array of musical genres in his back pocket he began his growth of music learning other rhythm percussion instruments and now you can’t tear him off the drums. If he doesn’t have a drum in front of him, his foot and the floor beneath will do.The three have come together to form a unique sound that can be defined by not defining it at all. The depth of song writing and the backgrounds of each member in the group have made Loose Snakes music a challenge to pigeon hole. You may hear some southern rock guitar or Greek plate breaking undertones while getting a jazzy funk blues reggae riff thrown in there for good measure. Enjoy!

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Loose Snakes is Daniel Mead, James Barak and Paul Roach; three friends who came out of the original Solana Beach Social Club and have emerged as a multi genre, dynamic rock trio, that sounds way bigger than it looks. With an interest in music from every corner of the world they blend these inspirations to create sounds and songs that get people moving. It’s hard to put them into one category other than the fun category.

Total Play Time: Approx. 37 Minutes
Engineered by Martin Greaves

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