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Marc Broussard is an American singer-songwriter. His style is best described as “Bayou Soul,” a mix of funk, blues, R&B, rock, and pop, matched with distinct Southern roots. In his career, he has released eight studio albums, one live album, three EPs, and has charted twice on Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks.

Broussard is also involved in philanthropic work. He founded the Momentary Setback Fund to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.He released an album Bootleg to Benefit the Victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, with all proceeds going to help rebuild Broussard’s home state, Louisiana. He is also involved in the United Way and Habitat for Humanity. In 2007, Broussard was involved in an Entertain the Troops tour in the Middle East.

In 2016, he announced 50% of the sales of his S.O.S. 2: Save Our Soul: Soul on a Mission album would go to charity, primarily the homeless and towards hometown organizations like City of Refuge.

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What's up at the Belly Up features the great Marc Broussard! We talk good food, conspiracy groups and heard a performance! Cheers!




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