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Martin Sexton

Recorded Jan. 19, 2017



MARTIN SEXTON is an American singer-songwriter and Producer who blends soul, gospel, country, rock, blues, and R&B. Early in his career Sexton moved to Boston and began playing on street corners and at open mic nights around the city.He released a collection of self-produced demo recordings in 1991 called, In The Journey. The album was released on an 8-track cassette and Sexton sold 15,000 copies to fans.

He was given the National Academy of Songwriters Artist of the Year Award in 1994. He released an album called, American, in 1998 and another album called, Wonder Bar in 2000. He launched his independent record label, Kitchen Table Records, in 2001 and released a concert album called Live Wide Open. His album, Seeds, was released in 2007.

Today he has released over 9 studio albums and plays to sold out clubs throughout the World.

“He jumps beyond standard fare on the strength of his voice, a blue-eyed soul man’s supple instrument,” adding that “his unpretentious heartiness helps him focus on every soul singer’s goal: to amplify the sound of the ordinary heart.”
— The New York Times

“The real thing, people, a star with potential to permanently affect the musical landscape and keep us entertained for years to come.
— Billboard

“His outstanding taste in songwriting as well as a soul marinated voice that can easily be compared to the likes of a young Steve Winwood or Van Morrison.
— Rolling Stone

“I’ve been a fan of his for quite a bit more than a decade and It’s a real pleasure to finally share the stage with him. I hope that if you never heard him before tonight is a turning point for you. He’s one of my favorite singers and songwriters… Y’all have a good time with Martin Sexton.
— Dave Matthews

“The best live performer I’ve ever seen. I may just quit my job and go follow Martin and make a fuss everywhere I go, just to make sure that people don’t go their lives without hearing this man sing to them.
— John Mayer

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“The real thing, people.” -

“Outstanding taste in songwriting as well as a soul-marinated voice.” -
Rolling Stone

Syracuse native Martin Sexton got his start singing in the streets and subways of Boston in the early 90’s. Still fiercely independent with nine studio albums, headlining venues from The Fillmore to Carnegie Hall, and performing at festivals from Bonnaroo to New Orleans Jazz Fest, he has influenced a generation of contemporary artists. His songs have appeared in television series such as Scrubs, Parenthood, Masters of Sex and in numerous films, though it’s his incendiary live show, honest lyrics, and vocal prowess that keep fans coming back for more.

Recorded on January 19, 2017 Live at the Belly Up showcases Sexton’s award winning songwriting and his infectious live show. Highlights include “Diner,” “Glory Bound,” and the closing track; a soulful rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.”

Run time: Approx. 50 Minutes
File Size: 110MB
Vocals & Guitar: Martin Sexton
Percussion: Toca Rivera
Back Up Vocals on “Black Sheep” and “This Little Light of Mine” by The Accidentals

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For nearly 30 years, Martin Sexton has channeled his love of soulful folk, blues, rock and pop music into accessible, emotional songs that recall the work of Van Morrison and Otis Redding. We discuss living in Western Mass and the Adirondacks, Bobcats, 80s music, hair metal, and highlights of his early career. Politics are brushed upon, but the message is all about unity through music. Can't remember what we drank… it was that good!


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