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Nattali Rize



Born in San Diego and raised in Australia, Rize is of Native American and Samoan descent. She followed her calling as a percussionist and street musician before co-founding popular Australian roots/reggae band Blue King Brown. In the band, Rize toured and opened for Santana, Damian Marley, UB40, Dispatch and The John Butler Trio. This experience inspired her to go to Jamaica and follow the music.

“[New Era Frequency] is a combination of all the global influence and experience I’ve had with music,” Rize said. Written in and recorded in Kingston, she pursued themes of global consciousness and empowerment in a collaboration with drum’n’bass duo Notis. She talks to Myspace about her mom’s considerable musical influence, touring with Michael Franti, and getting a bra thrown at her onstage.

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Meryl and Damian caught up with Nattali Rize during a sold out show at the Belly Up and chat with her about reggae, roots and consciousness in lyrics and music. We play a round of Never Have I ever, talk about her "moment" with Santana and learn what simple things make her happy. We drank margaritas!


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