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Paul Cannon Band

Recorded Aug. 24, 2013



Paul Cannon Band have supported artists like; Brett Dennen, The Wallflowers, Jason Mraz, Tristan Prettyman, Walk the Moon, Matt

Nathanson, Justin Nozuka, Venice, the Dunwells, Augustana, Dick Dale, Matisyahu and a number of others.

The Paul Cannon Band released their EP Organic in the summer of 2011. Their award winning single Homegrown, off their forthcoming debut album Homegrown, was featured on 102.1 KPRi’s television commercial in the fall of 2012. Their full length album Homegrown was released in the spring 2013. In June of 2013 the SD Padres invited Paul to rewrite his hit single as the teams new win song. The SD Padres filmed a music video featuring Paul Cannon and a few of their hall a fame players and the music video was performed in front of 2 million fans a season within the San Diego Padre’s baseball field Petco Park.

In 2014 Paul wrote a song with grammy award winning recording artist Jason Mraz & Michael Natter. Their song was the title track on the winners of the 3rd and final season of X Factor USA-Alex & Sierra’s debut album “It’s About Us”. Paul Cannon Band ended in 2015. Today Paul speaks and performs all over the country raising awareness for Native healing programs that focus on; PTSD, LGBTQ, Community Violence, Trauma Resolution, Social Justice, Environmental awareness and Holistic Education. He has also joined a side project called IRON SAGE WOOD.

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Promoting Peace, harmony and good vibes, Paul Cannon is beloved by fans for his honest approach to recording and performing music. Blending elements of folk, beach rock and pop, the San Diego native delivers guitar-driven melodies that demand attention for his catchy hooks and earnest lyrical delivery.

Ever since he first organized his group in ’08, Cannon has remained the driving force behind the Paul Cannon Band. In the years since he has gained notice not only for his music, but for dedication to health and environmental issues. In addition to working with a myriad of issues-oriented organizations, Paul Cannon encourages listeners to support wide-scale issues like locally grown food and cancer awareness.

Paul Cannon Band has released their EP Organic in the summer of 2011.  One of the group’s latest singles (2012 “Homegrown”) was featured on 102.1 KPRi’s television commercial fall of 2012. Their full length album Homegrown was released in spring 2013 and Paul is currently releasing a version of Homegrown (Homgrown Padre’s Version) that is currently being used at the San Diego Padre’s baseball field Petco Park.

Total Play Time: Approx. 25 Minutes
Engineered by Thomas Dellavecchia

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Singer songwriter Paul Cannon! We talk to him about starting from opener at the Belly Up to headlining the club, life off the grid, taking some tough situations from growing up on an Indian reservation and making it into art and music that inspire and help others. He sings his song "Love You", Meryl goes on an insect rant and Paul wins at the best Coming Clean confession ever (hint: more vasectomy talk!) We drank unsweeted iced tea.




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