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Paula Fuga + Mike Love

Recorded Nov. 30, 2013



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The Paula Fuga and Mike Love Project brings together two of the rising stars from the Hawaiian Islands. Paula has established herself as an ambassador of the Hawaiian culture. Having toured the world over and collaborated with artists such as India Irie, Jack Johnson & Ziggy Marley. Mike Love, a local legend on the Oahu music scene, recently released his debut album that was driven into the top-5 on the iTunes Reggae charts based on his deep local following alone.

Performing as a trio, the group in the live setting elicits common reactions that typically revolve around terms like ‘‘powerful’’ & ‘‘goosebumps.’’ Combining elements of traditional Hawaiian music, the message With astonishing 3-part vocal harmonies combined with Paula’s ukulele, Mike’s masterful guitar playing and looping & the low end organic push of Sam Ites’ percussion, the group has made instant and life long fans out of anyone who has been fortunate enough to catch them live on or off of the islands.

Total Play Time: Approx. 73 Minutes
Engineered by Thomas Dellavecchia

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