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Surfer, Machado is known for his casual, “laid-back” style both in and out of the water. Though he rides a modern tri-fin shortboard, he is still considered a “soul-surfer” largely because of his soft-spoken, humble personality and his disinterest in the spotlight, along with his fluid surfing style, which has earned him the nickname “Mr. Smoothy.” He is one of the best-known goofy-foot surfers in the world today. His style influences include Gerry Lopez and California’s Taylor Lobdell, who he saw surfing on a soft top at River Jetties in 2002 and has tried to emulate his style ever since.

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What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Rob Machado! Legendary surfer, environmental activist and musician, Rob Machado Foundation is partnering once again with the Belly Up its annual benefit concert on November 9 featuring Matt Nathanson, Brett Dennen, Andrew Wessen and Timmy Curran. Through his foundation Machado seeks to reduce water pollution, waste, and preserve its wildlife. In this episode we talk about doing stuff that makes your knees shake, the roots of Machado ancestry, why we brand cattle, why time is irrelevant when you are recording with T Bone Burnett, and being a kid at heart.


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