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Shawn Mullins

Recorded Oct. 29, 2014



An Atlanta-based folksinger best known for his Top Ten hit “Lullaby,” Shawn Mullins was serving as a member of the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Division when he released his first self-titled cassette (issued on his own label, SM) in 1989. Following the release of 1991’s Everchanging World, he left the military after eight years of service to pursue music on a full-time basis. After three years spent fruitlessly searching for a record deal, Mullins established a new label, SMG, and released the LPs Better Days and Big Blue Sky in the interim. Jeff’s Last Dance, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (live companion discs recorded jointly with Matthew Kahler) arrived in 1995, and Mullins returned a year later with the solo effort Eggshells.

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On October 29th, Shawn Mullins performed an awesome set at the Belly Up in front of an excited crowd of devoted fans. In addition to his huge hits, “Lullaby” and “Beautiful Wreck,” eleven other songs were captured on this great recording that’s available now exclusively from Belly Up Live. Shawn’s distinctive vocals along with his acoustic rhythm guitar strokes provide the foundation for his rustic, Americana-styled roots that pervade throughout this excellent live album.

Mullins’ music is influenced by acoustic and power-pop groups such as the Violent Femmes, The Producers and the Indigo Girls. However, his most significant and enduring influences are rock singer-songwriters like James Taylor and country musicians such as Kris Kristofferson, whose “Sunday Morning Coming Down” was the closing track of Shawn’s show on this night.
Total Play Time: Approx. 61 Minutes
Engineered by Martin Greaves
File Size 180.8MB

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What's Up at the Belly Up Podcast this week features singer songwriter Shawn Mullins! We talk about Tom Waits, Shawn feels sorry for Meryl, phone apps, weird forensic cases, how the hit song Lullaby came to be, his new song My Stupid Heart, and beagles!!! We drank coffee and for dessert had a podcast take over from Steve Poltz!!


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