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Super Diamond

Recorded Oct. 12, 2013



San Francisco’s Super Diamond has become one of the most popular live
shows   at   major   nightclubs,  theaters,  ballrooms   and   public   events
throughout the United States. For over a decade the band has consistently
performed sell
- out shows at venues such as Irving Plaza in New York, 930
Club in Washington D.C.,  Bimbo’s in San Francisco,  and House of Blues
venues in Chicago,  Los Angeles,  San Diego,  Cleveland and Dallas to
name but a few.

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When your parents popped in a Neil Diamond tape on repeat during long interstate road trips, you reluctantly sang along. Never thought you'd turn out to be a Diamond fan, right? But singing along to ''Sweet Caroline'' and ''Cracklin’ Rosie'' is so addictive now, you'd do anything to see Neil live on stage. Super Diamond delivers a high-octane Diamond tribute show that rocks and can put a rest to that Diamond thirst.

After assembling a band of truly kindred spirits, Surreal Neil and Super Diamond began to perform regularly in San Francisco, then all over the U.S. and at the Belly Up year after year.  Something quite wonderful happened at that shows: people turned out in large numbers to see them, and returned again and again and again. This live recording from October 2013 will hold quench your Diamond thirst and hold you and your friends over until the band returns the to Belly Up, someday soon!

Total Play Time: Approx. 45 Minutes
Engineered by Thomas Dellavecchia

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