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The Bonedaddys

Recorded Apr. 13, 2019



Worldbeat party band The Bonedaddys were formed in Los Angeles by percussionist Michael Tempo; the group’s sprawling, ever-changing roster would variously include singers Kevin Williams, King Cotton, and Kaspar Abbo, as well as guitarist Paul Lacques. Debuting in 1988 with A-Koo-De-A!, The Bonedaddys subsequently issued a series of albums including Worldbeatniks, To Jam Is Human, To Gig Is Divine, and Jungle, Jungle, and now, perhaps their most lively album, it certainly is live: Live at the Belly Up!.

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Los Angeles based Worldbeat pioneers The Bonedaddys deliver the party with 12 tracks and over 79 minutes of music. The Bonedaddys take a “wide stance” stylistically; with the common musical denominator being a fun, danceable party ambiance.

The Band:
Kaspar Abbo- Vocals
Mike Tempo - Percussion
Marcus Watkins - Guitar
Phil Gough - Guitar, vocals
Jay Work - Sax, Vocals
Rick Moors - Bass
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Jelani Jones - Keys, Vocals

Total Play Time: Approx. 79 Minutes
File Size: 175MB
Cover Photo by Rhonda Handley

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