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The Brothers Comatose

Recorded Jun. 14, 2017



The Brothers Comatose is a five-piece bluegrass band based out of San Francisco, California. The band consists of brothers Ben and Alex Morrison, who play guitar and banjo, respectively, along with Gio Benedetti on the bass, Philip Brezina with the violin, and Ryan Avellone on the mandolin.

The Brothers Comatose’s is a a high-energy, foot-stompin, “rowdy.” folk-rock string band. The Acoustic Guitar Magazine describes their music as an “upbeat brand of Americana with lots of twang, a dash of wit, and a splash of surrealism.” At many of their shows, the Brothers Comatose would encourage crowd participation, including clapping, sing-along, and passing around chopsticks to use as percussion instruments. The band redefines bluegrass music as a blend of contemporary rock and traditional bluegrass. Glide Magazine claims that the Brothers Comatose “bows both to tradition and contemporary designs. There’s is a rugged, rustic sound that’s implied in each of these eleven songs, one that allows their old timely string band approach to ring with an air of authenticity.”

Both the Morrison brothers’ parents were musicians. They were inspired mostly by their mother, who was in a folk band, harmonizing with other singers in their living room. They have re-created that in their string band with three-part harmonies, with Ben Morrison’s warm, gritty baritone usually taking the lead.

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The Californian five-string band have forged their own path with raucous West Coast renderings of traditional bluegrass, country and rock ‘n’ roll music. Their 2017 show on our stage put their fierce musicianship & rowdy live performance on full display, reminiscent of a stadium rock concert, atypical of traditional acoustic outfits. It features many songs from their their 2016 album, City Painted Gold, and their 2012 release, Respect The Man, as well as “Trippin’ On Down” the lead track from the band’s debut album, Songs from the Stoop.

Ben Morrison (Vocals, guitar)
Alex Morrison (Vocals, banjo, guitar)
Ryan Avallone (Mandolin)
Giovanni Benedetti (Vocals, bass)
Philip Brezina (Fiddle)

Run Time: Approx. 38 Minutes
File Size: Approx. 81MB

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