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The Heavy Guilt

Recorded Nov. 18, 2013



The Heavy Guilt is as much Americana as it is avant garde garage, as much folk blues as it is psychedelic indie stomp. It is six focused musicians, from varying backgrounds, translating their influences into a common language beneath the dim crimson lights of the stage. It is a sweaty driving catharsis, a train of thought bulldozing cross the tracks of rural America, it is a roadmap through the emotive wilderness, it is a collage put together by time worn hands, it is the sound and rhythm of a saturated city, it is the direction you take after last call. The Heavy Guilt is rock n roll.

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As seen on KPBS' ''Live at the Belly Up'', The Heavy Guilt is as much americana as it is avant garde garage, as much folk blues as it is psychedelic indie stomp and rock n roll. The band formed in 2011 and two albums already to their name their songs show both great growth into new realms and a tighter bond between the the players. The songs from early in the band have a campfire feel to them while the more recent songs balances the set with foot stomping blues, fevered crescendos and tasteful experimentation.

Songwriter and percussionist Alfred Howard is the wild card to the band, he adds new, unusual and untamed sounds to the band's traditional guitar, bass, drums and keys lineup. He is a volcanic pocket of contagious energy on stage. He plays found objects like chains, wooden boxes, bottle caps, bells, a shortwave and circuit bent radio, sheet metal, boxes of rice and sand paper to make the sounds that give the band a signature almost as unique as a vocalist would. Keeping that in mind Erik Canzona with his old soul road weary and powerful voice, he is the first ingredient that draws you in while listening. His voice inspires the band to sculpt the perfect bed of sound to try to contain it, it can be delicate, fragile and volatile or it can be a thunderous tempest.

For this show the band is joined by special guest Greg Peters of Dead Feather Moon on lap steel guitar. Over these last two years band has matured, learned how to hold an audience captive and braided their influences into their own brand of unrelenting soulful rock music sharing the stage at the Belly Up with acts such as Charles Bradley, The Greyboy Allstars, Dead Feather Moon, and others.

Total Play Time Approx. 55 Minutes
Engineered by Alex Somerville

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