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Making a slight departure from their former bands’ punk and indie leanings, the five members of The Palace Ballroom have come together to create something new. Maintaining a DIY work ethic and forgoing the search for formal management or label representation, the group has managed to circumnavigate the traditional pathways of the music business and still focus on making songs for a wider range of listeners. Showing fierce loyalty to their craft, this quintet draws upon all their individual musical strengths to create one beautiful sound. Although within the realm of commercial appeal, TPB’s genre-transcending music still manages to push the boundaries of song-craft and lyrical complexity. Simply put, they are a musician’s band AND a band for the masses. The group’s music runs right through your heart on the way to its permanent place in your head, all while emitting ethereal soundscapes punctuated by angular audio splendor. Already garnering critical attention and listener adoration throughout California and the surrounding region, The Palace Ballroom have just scratched the surface of their connective potential. Playing sold out shows, supporting national acts in legendary rock’n'roll clubs and large outdoor festivals alike, hitting the road as often as possible, gaining press in local rags and glossy mags as well as being featured on cable TV and music channels across the web, not to mention regular rotation on FM radio in the mainstream triple-A market, The Palace Ballroom is positioned to win hearts and minds by appealing to listening ears. One set at a time.

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What's Up at the Belly Up this week features TJ (Timothy Joseph) of The Palace Ballroom! We talk about TJ's aversion to apple pancakes, the angsty-est time of our lives and his Coming Clean Segment is for real amazing - it involves the hot combo of dysentery and dating. TJ performs his song "Cemetery Bride". We drink Whiskey and Pepsi.


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