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The Paragraphs

Recorded Dec. 13, 2013



While San Diego-based trio the Paragraphs may dwell among the palm lined streets and epic summer swells made famous by the Beach Boys, their sound is better suited for a raucous house party than a breezy afternoon in the sun. Harnessing the raw energy of 60’s garage with plenty of nods to folk and doo-wop, the Paragraphs hang their hat on the simplest of labels: rock and roll.
Formed as a two-piece in January 2009, singer/guitarist Jesse Lee Hofbauer and drummer Mike Hunt made some waves around the local scene. Last Summer, the Paragraphs bolstered their sound with the addition of Abel Perez on bass. In under two years of playing together, the band have seen songs “Young Republicans in Love,” “I am High,” and “Old Shoes” receive steady airplay on San Diego’s FM 94.9, as well as college radio from San Diego to New Mexico, and have performed at renowned live music venues including the Casbah, Beauty Bar, Doll Hut, and Belly Up.
the Paragraphs music is as varied as the band members’ musical influences. “Gallows Part 1” begins as an understated plea carried on the strength of Jesse’s vocals before opening up into a bouncy second half that retains the band’s signature grit. Recent single “Hey!” refuses to let its listeners stand still and accounts for 80% of the draught beer spilled on San Diego’s dance floors. A capella groove “Further and Further,” on the other hand, shows off the band’s soulful side and has become a staple sing-along closer at live shows.
For much of the year, the band have played shows in support of the sold out six song single “Hey!” and toured to cities including San Francisco (in studio at Pirate Cat Records), Santa Cruz (Streetlight Records), Tucson, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, and Austin for SXSW 2010. With the re-pressing of their first EP, “Gallows”, the six song single, “Hey” and a split seven also under their belt, the Paragraphs are currently recording their first full-length LP on Domestic Wax Records in North San Diego.

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On the heels of their debut album, +/-, most of 2012 and 2013 had the band touring the west coast and beyond. Their recipe for rock n roll includes a healthy serving of early rock a la Buddy Holly, a cup of angst from Nirvana, and a dash of surf for good measure. Their energetic and spontaneous live show is not to be missed!

Total Play Time: Approx. 21 Minutes

Engineered by Damian DeRobbio

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