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Founded in 2015, The Redwoods is a San Diego based music collective, overlapping on a variety of projects, sculpting an eclectic collage of songs and soundscapes. 

There are 5 San Diego Music Award 2017 Nominations for The Redwoods!

Birdy Bardot - Best Pop Artist

Dani Bell and the Tarantist - Best Pop

Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact - Best Live Act

The Midnight Pine - Best Americana Album

Redwoods Collective - Artist of the Year

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What's Up at the Belly Up podcast features The Redwoods - Al and Matt. They run a record label, play music and do cool things with cool people! We talk about what it is like to run a record label, cool swap meet finds, who likes and dislikes 90's music and hear an excerpt from Al's blog.


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