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The Rugburns

Recorded Feb. 16, 2014



The Rugburns consisted of gifted singer/songwriter Steve Poltz, bassist Gregory Page, guitarist “Dr.” Robert Driscoll, and drummer Jeff “Stinky” Aafedt, who was at one time a member of the band Forbidden Pigs.

Poltz and Driscoll, longtime friends from the San Diego area, formed the original group, who stayed a duo for years before they added Aafedt and Page to make it a terrific foursome. There were other members at some points in the life of the band, like John Castro and James Castro.

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The Rugburns were born a in a cave in the hills of San Diego. They traveled by horse to Tijuana and learned how to play G chords and C what a mess I've made of my life chords. They chopped them up and Steve Poltz turned them into songs and then brought the raw ingredients to Doctor Robert Driscoll on electric guitar and John Castro on the bass and holding the beat together the fabulously freaky Stinky on the drums.

The band has played with The Ramones in Cleveland. They've played with themselves in hotel rooms. They've eaten 132 and a half times at various Waffle Houses across this great country. Steve Poltz threw up half his meal so that's why they didn't make it to 133. Hopefully one day you'll get to see them play live, they are like Bigfoot and rarely appear. Fifty percent of the band is now sober yet they still can't find their car keys.

This 14-song set was recorded on February 16th 2014 as part of Steve Poltz’s 5th annual 50th Birthday Party at the Belly Up. Steve’s Birthday show has become a keystone on the Belly Up’s calendar. The hootenanny night features special guests is one of the few nights each year that one can catch The Rugburns in their native habitat.

Total Play Time: Approx. 64 Minutes
Engineered by Thomas Dellavecchia

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