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The Casbah was first opened in 1989 by Tim Mays, Bob Bennett and Peter English at the site of a former Irish pub at 2812 Kettner Boulevard. The three men also owned the now-defunct Pink Panther Club. The Casbah hosted San Diego bands such as Rocket from the Crypt, Lucy’s Fur Coat, Trumans Water, Three Mile Pilot, Creedle, Heavy Vegetable, Fluf, Inch, Crash Worship and Deadbolt. It also hosted bands such as Nirvana[1] and The Smashing Pumpkins. English later left the venture.

Because the original site had a maximum occupancy of 75 people, in 1994 the Casbah moved to a larger facility at 2501 Kettner Boulevard. The new location has a maximum occupancy of more than 200.

The club usually hosts live music six to seven nights each week.[citation needed] Bands that have played at the current location include: Alanis Morissette, The Breeders, Ben Harper, The Cult, and Blink-182

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Meryl and Damian sit down and talk national and local booking with the amazing Tim Mays! Tim co-owns and books The Casbah and also has a part in booking most everything else music related in San Diego. The Casbah has been open since 1989. Its first location had a legal capacity of 75 and hosted such bands as: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Lemonheads, The Jesus Lizard, and Rocket From The Crypt. We hear stories on behind the scenes at The Casbah and get Tim's advice for those looking to break into this industry. We drank Mexican Coca Cola.


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