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Trouble In The Wind

Recorded Aug. 14, 2013



They are a local band in San Diego, that have recently recorded some of their songs in the garage recording studio of a Carlsbad resident. They consider themselves a new experimenting folk band.

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Beginning as a raw country/rock band called Cactus Bob; Robby Gira (singer/ songwriter/acoustic guitar) and Trevor Mulvey (bass) of what would become Trouble in the Wind, got their start playing at the ''E Street Café'' in Encinitas, CA four years ago throughout the summer. Since then Trouble in the Wind has developed and matured greatly, expanding their range and musical craft. Although the group still carries the Americana/country influences, their sound can span across a broad range of diverse genres. With the addition of Kyle D. Merritt (guitar/accordion /banjo/melodic), T.i.t.W. blossomed into a multi­- instrumental collective able to spin larger than life, rich cinematic tales. Trouble in the Wind's multifaceted instrumentation and their expansive lyric/yarns allow them to paint movie­-like pictures on stage full of drama and imagery. The group was joined by Larry Doran on drums and vocals.

Total Play Time: Approx. 58 Minutes

Engineered by Damian DeRobbio

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