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2 ways to listen to Belly Up Live MP3s on your iPhone, iPod & iPad.

1) Transfer from your computer to iTunes. (recommended)

Once you purchase a Belly Up Live MP3 with your iPhone, iPod or iPad you will be emailed a download link.
Open that email with your desktop or laptop and click on the download link supplied. Save your new Belly Up Live MP3(s) to your computer.

Open iTunes and drag the Belly Up Live file(s) into an open iTunes window. It will have a plus sign next to it to indicate that it is being added. iTunes will process the file and add it to the right location automatically. Voila! The song will be added to your iPhone, iPod or iPad during your next sync.

2) Use a Download App and Play it Now!

Belly Up Live offers audio files in two ways. Zipped MP3s for Albums and raw MP3s for Songs. Many download apps download both files and many of them are free! We recommend "Download Lite" and a wifi connection. 1) Open "Download Lite" app and tap browser (lower left button in the footer). Type in the browser window at the top. 2) Purchase your song or album, and download it. 3) Once it is downloaded, tap "downloads", and then tap your recent download. 4) Tap "Show in File Manager", to play in this App or tap save it to the Cloud (like dropbox). 5) In File Manager tap the zipped folder to unzip it. 6) Play the songs by tapping on them, etc.
Please note: If you do not do anything your Apple Mobile Device will only play what you purchased while you are connected to the internet and will not permanently download your music. So it is important to follow one of the two methods above to play your new music on your iPhone, iPod or iPad over and over again. Happy Listening,
The Belly Up Live MP3 Team


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