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Hi and welcome to What's Up at the Belly Up, a podcast that features all things related to the world famous Belly Up music venue! We talk to our friends, touring artists, people that make us laugh and everything in between.

Some fun facts about our hosts: Meryl seems to have done it all at the Belly Up. Over the past 9 years she has been responsible for hospitality, marketing, and terrifying sweet young interns. A woman of many talents she also writes for the local variety show, Tonight in San Diego and has her own segment, My San Diego where she tries weird and wacky things. She loves drinking celery juice and has an affinity for round animals like manatees and pufferfish. Meryl also has done tequila shots with Prince Harry, and trended on the front page of Reddit for an unfortunate run-in with a falcon!

Damian has been a touring artist, audio engineer and is the Production Director of the Belly Up! He enjoys family, surfing, cooking, loveable humans and honest music. He loves talking about audio gear, and makes a fine cup of Yerba Mate. D is the man!

featuring your hosts: Meryl Klemow & Damian DeRobbio
contact Meryl at: @MerylKlemow on fb & instagram or contact Damian at:

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Al Howard

Oct. 05, 2015
What's Up at the Belly Up with musician, poet, writer, vinyl album lover, DJ, podcaster and smoothie drinker Al Howard! Meryl and Damian talk to Al about food allergies, opening for Mini Kiss at a motorcross event and how he ended up at a lady's house with her 21 year old cat dressed like Lady Gaga.

Alejandro Escovedo

Apr. 03, 2017
What's Up at the Belly Up podcast this week features Alejandro Escovedo! We talked about kale, surfing, Tibetan medicine, burning something beautiful, his musical family and much more!

Anderson East

Mar. 28, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Anderson East! This podcast was part of our TV show, Live at the Belly Up on which will air Fridays in the fall on KPBS. We learn about Anderson's house cleaning skills, grass cutting skills and FOOD ALLERGIES or lack thereof!

Andy McKee

Jun. 07, 2016
This week's What's Up at the Belly Up Podcast features guitar player, Andy McKee! We talked about the perks of being a touring solo musician, what it's like to go viral on YouTube, being a video gamer, and an amazing encounter with Prince where he ended up playing several shows with him! He also performs his song Ebon Coast. We drank Jameson!


Jan. 26, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Anuhea! She tells us about her Hawaiian roots and upbringing, singing the National Anthem at a Vikings game, spam (the food not the e-mail annoyance), things that make us cry, and if things happen for a reason or if it's just that we are idiots. We drank red wine!

Anya Marina

Jan. 02, 2017
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features the lovely and funny and beautiful Anya Marina! We talk about Damian's eyelashes, Anya's long walks and her journey from San Diego to New York, calming our minds and food / drink things. We drank KOMBUCHA.

B-Side Players

Jul. 13, 2015
In this week's podcast Meryl and Damian talk to Karlos Paez of the B-Side Players! This was a special episode because Damian and Karlos were travel/tour/band mates for many years! We drank Sparkling Yerba Mate with...Stoli! Karlos also plays us a song.

Bebel Gilberto

Nov. 22, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up features the great Bebel Gilberto! It's short and sweet - just like her and maybe you too. We talk touring strategy, growing plants, doing whatever you want and then the episode ends abruptly because she went to play our sold out show. We drank margaritas.

Beer Thirty Show

Jul. 03, 2015
Glug Glug Glug

Bill Magee

Mar. 08, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up features blues guitarist Bill Magee! We talked about the time Otis Redding battled a promoter to the pond, the Sandman (a band's worst nightmare), and Magee's inspirations - the Kings. Bill shares one of a kind stories and memories of playing with Hendrix, James Brown, and evenings at the Apollo. Bill comes clean about a pretty strange night at the Days Inn - this episode is on fire!

Bob Schneider

Nov. 24, 2015
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features the one and only Bob Schneider, who we caught up with before his packed show at the Belly Up. This is what happens when our guest picks black coffee as their drink...three cups later and we must add a a disclaimer - if you are easily offended please use this time to garden your lawn or take Zumba classes - as it gets pretty strange on this one! We talk about GIFS, his new album KING KONG VOL. III, people that scream talk during concerts, donating plasma, shaving his beard to look like Elvis, sleeping with rats and things that happen to D while on tour with Santana's son. We hear a Conference Room Session with Bob with his song, "Sweet Booty".


Aug. 31, 2015
Don't mess with Nena Anderson! A singer songwriter, honky tonk, blues and Americana chick that suggested we drank whiskey in the mid-afternoon. We tell the truth on what can happen if you drink too much carrot juice, talk about turning fan letters into songs and compare Damian to a giraffe that looks like Prince. We drank Bulleit Rye with Bundaberg Ginger Beer.


Jan. 07, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features one of our favorites - Billy Galewood who you also know as Bushwalla! Billy has since retired the name Bushwalla, and tells us why within this episode. We also talk about eating dog food, the need for crispy things, his very special birthday surprise at the Belly Up thrown by Jason Mraz and friends and his morning routine. There are many stories we don't finish - make the endings up for yo' fine self. We drank Green Juice.



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