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Hi and welcome to What's Up at the Belly Up, a podcast that features all things related to the world famous Belly Up music venue! We talk to our friends, touring artists, people that make us laugh and everything in between.

Some fun facts about our hosts: Meryl seems to have done it all at the Belly Up. Over the past 9 years she has been responsible for hospitality, marketing, and terrifying sweet young interns. A woman of many talents she also writes for the local variety show, Tonight in San Diego and has her own segment, My San Diego where she tries weird and wacky things. She loves drinking celery juice and has an affinity for round animals like manatees and pufferfish. Meryl also has done tequila shots with Prince Harry, and trended on the front page of Reddit for an unfortunate run-in with a falcon!

Damian has been a touring artist, audio engineer and is the Production Director of the Belly Up! He enjoys family, surfing, cooking, loveable humans and honest music. He loves talking about audio gear, and makes a fine cup of Yerba Mate. D is the man!

featuring your hosts: Meryl Klemow & Damian DeRobbio
contact Meryl at: @MerylKlemow on fb & instagram or contact Damian at:

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The Redwoods Music Collective

May. 21, 2017
What's Up at the Belly Up podcast features The Redwoods - Al and Matt. They run a record label, play music and do cool things with cool people! We talk about what it is like to run a record label, cool swap meet finds, who likes and dislikes 90's music and hear an excerpt from Al's blog.

Rob Machado

Nov. 03, 2015
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Rob Machado! Legendary surfer, environmental activist and musician, Rob Machado Foundation is partnering once again with the Belly Up its annual benefit concert on November 9 featuring Matt Nathanson, Brett Dennen, Andrew Wessen and Timmy Curran. Through his foundation Machado seeks to reduce water pollution, waste, and preserve its wildlife. In this episode we talk about doing stuff that makes your knees shake, the roots of Machado ancestry, why we brand cattle, why time is irrelevant when you are recording with T Bone Burnett, and being a kid at heart.

Robert Cray

Mar. 21, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Robert Cray. In just over 40 years Blues Hall of Fame inductee Cray and his band have recorded 20 studio releases, 15 of which have been on the Billboard charts, and played bars, concert halls, festivals and arenas around the world. There are five Grammys with Cray's name on them! We talked about Pinot making you younger, his passion for cooking, the Northwest, the Beatles, having fun and garage bands. Damian tries to get him on as a consultant for our stage and...we drank mint tea!

Roger Clyne

May. 10, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Roger Clyne! We talked about his favorite places to play in the US (spoiler alert: Belly Up is one!), meditation, Arizona Diamond Backs, our love of thai food and his funny brother. We drank his very own Mexican Moonshine. And liked it...a lot.

The Routine

Mar. 01, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features The Routine - singer Bryan Barbarin and guitarist Russell Ramo! Voted Best Rock Band at the San Diego Music Awards, check out their new CD "Black Tropics". We talked about Bryan's as Tin Man, angry pandas, Russell's nice teeth, fishsticks and sadness! Meryl accidentally texts a person that their own party was lame, and ponders if humans can get kennel cough. We hear a Conference Room Sessions song, "Mountain". We drank Pabst Blue Ribbon baby.

Rusted Root

Sep. 13, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up Podcast takes it on the road this week, recording in the lovely Observatory in North Park with Rusted Root. We talked about Pennsylvania, pierogis, helicopter rides in Catalina, and Liz being left behind in Vegas. Rusted Root is comprised of Michael, Liz, Patrick and around 26 other members (according to them) and have been writing and releasing music together for around 26 years!!!! Also check out Rusted Root's album on

Ryan Bingham

Jan. 13, 2016
What's Up at the Belly Up this week features Ryan Bingham! We hear his Conference Room Session song, "Nobody Knows My Trouble" and hear about how Ryan's voice is so damn great, touring with his dog, saddling horses, after parties, George Clooney and much more. We drank Modelo and it was Meryl's first one / definitely not her last.



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