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Recorded Nov. 14, 2012
Singer, song-juggler, and self-proclaimed ''Original Gangster of Cleveland,'' Bushwalla represents the assorted talents of Billy Galewood.

Bushwalla began performing in musical theater at… more info

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The California Honeydrops photo

The California Honeydrops

Recorded Apr. 11, 2018
The California Honeydrops, led by dynamic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski, draw on diverse musical influences from Bay Area R&B, funk, Southern soul,… more info
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Chali 2na photo

Chali 2na

Recorded Oct. 18, 2013
Chali 2na is an MC, musician, actor, painter, renaissance man...basically, he's done it all. From his days growing up on the hardscrabble streets… more info
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Charlie Musselwhite photo

Charlie Musselwhite

Recorded Nov. 04, 2010
After more than 20 albums and multiple awards, Charlie Musselwhite continues to be at the top of his game; A revered elder statesman… more info
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Cody Lovaas photo

Cody Lovaas

Recorded Aug. 30, 2014
Carlsbad­-raised singer-­songwriter-­surfer Cody Lovaas has songs and a voice that make it hard to believe he is only sixteen years old. Influenced by… more info
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Common Sense photo

Common Sense

Recorded Sep. 24, 2013
Common Sense has established itself as one of California’s premier reggae rock bands. Influenced heavily by reggae, rock and ska, Common Sense have… more info
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Cowboy Junkies photo

Cowboy Junkies

Recorded Jun. 16, 2014
Cowboy Junkies are known for their unique mix of genres such as blues, country, rock, psychedelic, and jazz. This live album from their… more info
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Cowboy Mouth photo

Cowboy Mouth

Recorded Nov. 01, 2013
Cowboy Mouth is New Orleans rock n' roll. Annually playing roughly 150 shows, releasing nearly a dozen records, and featured on TV shows… more info
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Creepxotica photo


Recorded May. 05, 2014
From a small garage in southern California come the expansive and exotic sounds of Creepxotica. Members of San Diego’s renowned band The Creepy… more info
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The Devastators photo

The Devastators

Recorded Nov. 26, 2012
The Devastators are a four-piece outfit based out of San Diego, California. Their sound can be described as a soulful mix of roots… more info
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